Multi-Client Programs

SAI provides focused services for institutions and organizations

We work with government agencies and institutions that finance multiple SME programs that have developed from our initial activities in the private sector. They included institutions in Europe, Asia and North America. Our projects with institutional clients have included benchmarking against (and with) other export promotion agencies as well as implementing internationalization programs designed to further the economic growth of the country or region in question. In addition, we have worked extensively with FDI for various non-competing countries and regions.

Multi-Client programs

SAI’s trademark Multi-Client programs are ideally suited for SMEs interested in similar market areas (Europe or North America).  Our programs have been tested on over 400 companies to date in formal missions carried out for, and funded by, different government agencies. They grew out of the realization that there are genuine economies of scale towards addressing a target market area or country for groups of companies that do not compete, even if they are in different business areas. Such groupings can be ad hoc or by manufacturers’ associations, export institutes, regional chambers of commerce or other.

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