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International business development for corporate and institutional clients

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International Consulting

This isn’t just about exports. We help companies become international.

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Market Validation and Strategy Formulation

Market research is good; determining your options is better.

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Search for Commercial Partners

Look before you leap… and choose your partners wisely.

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International Presence

Whatever you’re doing now, you will do it better (and learn more) by being international.

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Multi-Client Programs

SAI’s trademark Multi-Client programs are ideally suited for SMEs interested in similar market areas.

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Foreign Direct Investment & Trade Promotion

We work with non-competing agencies in a transparent and open manner.

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SAI – 30 years of internationalization experience

International business development for corporate and institutional clients. Wherever you are. Wherever you want to go.

SAI (Strategy Analysis International) offers practical, results‐oriented advice and hands-­on implementation in international business development. Our mission is to help companies grow by becoming international and we have helped more than 500 companies, SMEs and others, in doing so. SAI is located in seven countries on three continents and we have been working with companies and institutions in Europe, North America and Asia since 1982.

Are you looking for a commercial partner? Would you like to set-up a subsidiary? Or just want to read our book on how to do it yourself? (Get the paperback by clicking right on “Amazon” or the updated hardcover version from us.)

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Latest company insights

Is meat necessary?

Humans have canines, so we must have evolved to eat meat. But so do gorillas, and they are vegetarians. Almost all the amino acids and essential nutrients humans need can be found in plants. So do we really have to kill 77 billion land animals every year to sustain our addiction to meat? And is […]

Electric Vehicles in France

The French state has always believed in industrial planning. The country’s governing elite knows better than its CEOs what the consumer really needs. The announcement on EVs on May 26, 2020 by President Macron also follows this logic. It places EVs “at the heart of the strategy of the French automotive industry.” It is a pronouncement […]

Death and taxes: the case for Madeira

There is much talk about the harmonization of taxes in the EU. There are now 27 countries in the EU and a total of 44 in Europe, including the UK. Each has its own fiscal regime, and the UK’s is sure to change in 2021. As people and investments tend to move more quickly than […]

SMEs and Managed Trade

World trade is some 60% of world GDP. Most of it takes place between countries of the developed world: in 2018, 63% of world exports were made by 15 if not all rich, at least powerful, countries. (Place China, Mexico and Russia in the category you want.) And these exports were made mostly by very […]

Should you care about Brexit?

Here is a condensed version of an article from last year’s Economist:  “As island dwellers, it is hard for the British not to think in an insular way. Brexit (the prospect of Britain departing from the European Union) is a major talking point around dinner tables in Britain, but this is not true on the […]

Europe and the Internet of Things

Unless you are stationed on the Ross ice shelf, then it hasn’t escaped your notice that after the forthcoming Viva Technology show in Paris, there will be yet another show for start-ups coming to your part of the world. Viva Technology is big, but the CES in Las Vegas is THE event for high-tech companies […]

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