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International business development for corporate and institutional clients

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International Consulting

This isn’t just about exports. We help companies become international.

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Market Validation and Strategy Formulation

Market research is good; determining your options is better.

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Search for Commercial Partners

Look before you leap… and choose your partners wisely.

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International Presence

Whatever you’re doing now, you will do it better (and learn more) by being international.

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Multi-Client Programs

SAI’s trademark Multi-Client programs are ideally suited for SMEs interested in similar market areas.

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Foreign Direct Investment & Trade Promotion

We work with non-competing agencies in a transparent and open manner.

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SAI – 30+ years of internationalization experience

International business development for corporate and institutional clients. Wherever you are. Wherever you want to go.

SAI (Strategy Analysis International) offers practical, results‐oriented advice and hands-­on implementation in international business development. Our mission is to help companies grow by becoming international and we have helped more than 500 companies, SMEs and others, in doing so. SAI is represented in seven countries on three continents and we have been working with companies and institutions in Europe, North America and Asia since 1982.

Are you looking for a commercial partner? Would you like to set-up a subsidiary? Or just want to read our book on how to do it yourself? (Get the paperback by clicking right on “Amazon” or the updated hardcover version from us.)

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Latest company insights

Ships & Trade: the call for Smart Ports

90% of the world’s trade is transported by ships. However, they contribute only 2% of global energy-related emissions. So ships sound like an efficient and environmental-friendly way of moving goods around. And this is true until they start getting to ports. Here they encounter LOTS of problems that make the whole marine goods delivery process […]

ESG and its impact on property

There is no dearth of criticism of the EU for its bureaucracy and labyrinthine rules. It is one of the stated reasons that the Brits left it. However, even they admit to its world leadership in standards-setting. If no one else has come up with a regulation or standard, you can be sure that the […]

Location: the Ideal Choice for Digital Businesses and e-Commerce

If your company produces nothing you can drop on your foot, works in the service sector and is expanding internationally, you can probably deliver your digital offering from anywhere in the world. There are, however, a few things that you might consider before relocating your business to the Ross Ice Shelf. It would help if […]

Digitalizing for carbon neutrality: good news for Sweden’s energy supply

E.ON Sweden is part of the international E.ON energy group that employs 70,000 people in 15 different countries. The company has four plants and employs 2,100 people in Sweden, offering electricity, heating and smart energy solutions to a million private consumers and businesses. In 2020, E.ON Sweden made the decision to streamline its fuel acquisitions […]

Is meat necessary?

Humans have canines, so we must have evolved to eat meat. But so do gorillas, and they are vegetarians. Almost all the amino acids and essential nutrients humans need can be found in plants. So do we really have to kill 77 billion land animals every year to sustain our addiction to meat? And is […]

Electric Vehicles in France

The French state has always believed in industrial planning. The country’s governing elite knows better than its CEOs what the consumer really needs. The announcement on EVs on May 26, 2020 by President Macron also follows this logic. It places EVs “at the heart of the strategy of the French automotive industry.” It is a pronouncement […]

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