Digitalizing for carbon neutrality: good news for Sweden’s energy supply

Digitalizing for carbon neutrality: good news for Sweden’s energy supply May 7, 2023Leave a comment

E.ON Sweden is part of the international E.ON energy group that employs 70,000 people in 15 different countries. It has four plants and employs 2,100 people in Sweden, offering electricity, heating and smart energy solutions to a million private consumers and businesses.

In 2020, E.ON Sweden decided to streamline its fuel acquisitions with its plant in Örebro. With its 1 terawatt output, the plant is a major supplier of district heating. Its production process is currently 95% biofuel-based and it will be fossil-free from 2025 onwards. E.ON Sweden holds the second largest market share in district heating in Sweden.

What poses a challenge with biofuel is that it is needed in high volumes, it needs to be fresh and it is not very simple to store. Unpredictable weather also causes its own considerations. Therefore, clear and predictable data on the available biofuel reserves are essential. So E.ON Sweden opted for a digital solution: Once by Pinja, a Finnish high-tech firm, that “promises to be your guide for developing your business for a sustainable future”. 

Pinja provided a SaaS service aimed at managing material flows and having the right raw material in the right place at the right time. By replacing their current, largely manual system, E.ON Sweden will cut the time spent on fuel calculation down to half – and still get more detailed results. Its storage and inventory management process will be automated, manual work and risk-proneness reduced and contract and order management made more efficient. The solution will also automate E.ONʼs reporting and produce data for effective decision making. What is also  locally valuable in Sweden, the system will also interface with the unique national VIOL forest database.

SAI has been instrumental in assisting Pinja access new customers like E.ON in Sweden. We have a deep knowledge of the circular economy and of how to do business in the Nordic area. If you have a superior digital offering and are looking for business partners here, contact our Stockholm or Helsinki offices.

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