Europe and the Internet of Things

Europe and the Internet of Things May 29, 2019Leave a comment

Unless you are stationed on the Ob estuary, then it hasn’t escaped your notice that after the Viva Technology show in Paris, there will be yet another show for start-ups coming to your part of the world. VivaTechnology is big: in 2023 it was bigger than the CES in Las Vegas. However, the CES is THE event for high-tech companies worldwide, much of it concerned with IoT and now with AI. AT Kearney says that the EU will add 7% to its GDP by 2025 thanks to IoT. This amounts to an extra trillion dollars, Mexico’s annual GDP.

If you are a US business that wants to purchase complementary or innovative technology, consider approaching balkanized Europe where the business culture is similar to yours (but the food is better).

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